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Consult the [//meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Contents User's Guide] for information on using the wiki software.
Consult the [//meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Contents User's Guide] for information on using the wiki software.
Sovereign Scrolls is a series of game worlds that have been created through the actions of Gods, the Ascended, and Man(Woman, too.)
We have several worlds
[[Ya'Ria]]- the campaign world for Sovereign Scrolls retired Campaign.
[[Na'ia]] - the Demon world created by the actions of the Controller God [[Arcainium]].
[[STEAM]] - the multiverse that spawned the technological innovations of the world.
[[Eliossis]] - A world almost completely take over by the followers of the one God.
This WIKI contains In Game information that is available to all players. This information is only as reliable as historical information can be. Plot will never lie when setting a scenario, however information found here may have changed or been false from the start.
=Eliossis Campaign=
==[[Primary Campaign|Old World Archive]]==
==[[Secondary Campaign|Eliossis]]==
'''This is the World story for the Campaign located in Mandeville LA, Woodville TX and Austin TX'''
===[[History of Eliossis]]===
Eliossis is a land united. At least it was until interlopers from a far distant land came ashore in the wilds at the edge of the Union of Protectorates. Only [[Daeun]] knows of the newcomers mean good or if they are the [[Agents]] of [[Chaos]] and [[Evil]].
the coin are as follows:[[File:coins.jpg|200px|thumb|right|coinage]]
Silver/copper- called a gryphon, in Eliossis it is a tiny coin to pay for a small meal or drink.
A gold 'slave' is a coin with a gold color but probably been cut with base metal. This is worth 10 gryphons.
A platinum Noble is the most traded coin and it is enough to buy a fine meal at a fine tavern. This is worth 10 slaves.
Finally, in human coinage we have the High Lord. A large platinum coin this is enough to buy a modest home in the outskirts of the Protectorate. This is worth 10 nobles.
===[[The Ruling Great Houses]]===
[[Wheatkeep]] - High Lord of the Protectorate. Inherited the position from his Father. Considered an innovator and open-minded despot.
[[Coldore]] - Personally powerful and cold. Devoted to his wife and maintaining the old order.
[[Sternbrooke]] - House of Healing. House of a great [[physician]].
[[Cardy]] - House of a self-made man who has risen to his position through commerce and close ties to the High Lord.
[[Twoward]] - Run by a very pious man, Twoward has been accused of inflexibility and lighting a few torches to burn out heresy.
[[Reichmoon]] Almost politically unknown house run by a scholar. Currently has several vassals among the adventurers.
[[Ironsplitter]] Militarily focused house who has close ties with the [[Protectorate Guard]].
[[Hawkmourn]] A struggling house, well-secluded in Shield Peaks, but more recently reaching out to rebuild relationships with other houses.....and occasionally even with the unaffiliates, if the situation merits.
[[Oatarm]] An old house, Oatarm has fallen into disrepair over the past century. Recently, the house was taken over by a young scion from a secondary branch. He has vowed an increase in position would follow.
House Mamon
Winters Branch mercenary company
House Renard
Clan Whitefire
Carman Vale Merchanting Guild
===[[The Lesser Houses]]===
[[House Exilius]]
[[House Bloodgood]]
[[House Sarvalian]]
[[House Ryons]]
[[Clan Whitefire]]
===[[Military Structure]]===
[[Protectorate Guard]] Made up of soldiers from the Great Houses. Soldiers are cycled regularly to keep allegiances to local houses reduced. These troops are commanded by the [[Battlelord Engerramet| Battle Lord]].
[[Order of the Companions]] An honor Guard made up of proven warriors. Chosen by the High Lord.
[[House Guards]] Each House can keep warriors and retainers as they can afford. They must surrender these guards in times of total war.
[[Feudal Wars]]
[[Race wars]]
====Imperial Era====
[[House Conflict]]- Occasions when the rivalry between houses has degenerated into armed conflict. This is usually considered as a sign of weakness as the noble thing to do is to end your foes politically. In these conflicts, the [[Protectorate Guard]] usually steps in to end the conflict.
[[War of the Purple Rose]] - a protracted war between 2845 and 2852, the Rose war was between the Protectorate and a now destroyed house.
[[Black Swamp Offensive]] - 3009-3015 A war between the Protectorate and the Cursed [[Lizard Folk]] of the Black Swamp Region. This war was fought throughout the empire as the Lizardfolk used magics to resemble members of the other races.
Dedicated to the preservation of the combat arts great mages combined with the Great warriors made sets of gear dedicated to making the Arenas great. Many have disappeared throughout the years.
[[Saint Seek]] Dedicated to Dauen, this Arena was founded to provide Warriors to the Protectorate Guard.
===[[Union of Protectorates]]===
Empire founded by [[Allayne]] and his [[Companions]]. Consists of Protectorates ruled by the [[Great Families]].
[[The City of Thrones]]- Eryiond, Home to the seats of the Great Houses. Admission to the city is by invitation only and the Protectorate Guard keeps tight rein on the city.
[[Argent Vale]]
[[Pabryca Keep]]
===Vale of Omens===
[[File:Veil_of_Omens.png|200px|thumb|left|Area of the Killeen Chapter]]
[[Gawold]] -  Small village of mixed races. Founded by amalgams and Djunn that felt that the Protectorate was too much like the Empire on Ya’Ria. Many followers of the Light, Dark, and Nature Pantheons. Few followers of Dauen. Orc tribes, trolls, and other monstrous creatures plague the town from the North and West.
[[Rachdale]] - Halfling settlement with many humans and a few of the other races. Started by a halfling Bard named Rachmar the Curious. He was said to have traveled widely for years but the sunset on the hill where he stopped to camp one morning ended his wanderlust and he created a village.
[[Porthcraw]] - Trading town. While not part of the protectorate, this town trades heavily with several Noble Houses and the game of Houses is prevalent here..
[[Betwsy Woods]] - A magical wood with a friendly feel. Beneficial Fae abound and a door to Fae is said to be buried deep in the wood. An ancient wise woman is also located in the wood, if she wishes to be found...
[[Aeberuthey]] - Large walled city known for its crops. Several years ago several apothecaries and artificers began creating greenhouses to grow rare reagents and herbs year round. Fairly neutral but the townspeople frown on open worship of any gods.
[[Black Swamp]] - Dangerous region that is home to the Black Lizard men that can take the form of the other races. These [[Lizard men]] caused a Great War a decade ago. They worship a dark diety full of hate and corruption.
[[Cardy Forest]] - Ancestral home to the House that is [[Cardy|5th]] in the Protectorate. Wood has been quiet lately but inexplicably odd occurances happen with in this wild place.
[[Calmarnock]] - Barbarian town on the trade route. Centered between 2 hills the area is full of mistrustful tribeman and the herds of animals that feed the Protectorate. Any disruption here could result in famine and death.
[[Penshaw]] - The very edge of the Protectorate. This is the last edge of Civilization, at least if you ask a member of the Protectorate. The trade routes turn North from here and bandits, goblins, and other creatures plague the West.
[[Caer Brane]] - Protectorate Guard outpost. Fortified structure. Outsiders are not welcomed, but the guards seem to be ready and waiting for something.
[[Redwick]] - Quiet village with little trading.
[[Cesterfield]] - Little is known.
[[Wolf Water]] - Odd town on a forgotten lake.
[[Barnsley]] - Farming Village.
[[Citadel Point Delphos]] - Powerbase of House [[Citadel]], recently it has become a place of pilgrimage for followers of [[Delphos]], who is said to have destroyed a Controller God.
[[Lewes]] - Home to [[House Sarvalian]], Lewes is a fairly quiet place said to house a powerful and ancient secret.
[[Swindon]] - Trading Town.
[[Silent Forest]] - ...
===[[The Wilds]]===
The unclaimed lands on the fringes of the Protectorate. Left for those thought to be too full of [[Chaos]], [[Darkness]], and [[Evil]].
====[[The Wilds of the Black Swamp]]====
Between Betwsy Wods and Cardy Forest, the murky thick slime of the Black Swamp serves as the nursery grounds for young clawfish through the winter months. The ones that escape the Cursed Lizard Folk of the swamp later find their way to Claw Cove where they are harvested annually for traditional huge feasting celebrations of community.
====[[The Khaba Wastes]]====
Burned, and yet still burning,
the thready wisps of smoke are one of the more reliable features of this barren area
====[[Carman Vale]]====
====[[The Tower of Broken Worlds]]====
====[[Caer Dimlaser]]====

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