• Kobi Akers started the topic Sebastian in the forum Eliossis 2 years, 4 months ago

    Wasn’t long ago that I found the egg that hatched Sebastian, with the help of the one I owe, who i’m sure he will return one day to call in that favor, but that is for another day.

    Where did he come from, and how long had the egg lay where i found it. what happened to his parents, are they still out there. It was blind luck that i survived the storm in the cave where the egg was hidden.

    He’s grown well these few months and his temperament is good, I would guess as he’s the only one of his kind i’ve seen and there isn’t much written about his breed.

    He sleep less long periods and I have prepared a better harness to carry him with me as i travel.

    His appetite is growing. He’s no longer satisfied with just simple food but wants more meat and i cant blame him as it is his nature. I will have to work harder to acquire fresh meat for him.

    He cant speak but i have started to learn what his chirps and other odd noises mean now, or at least i know when he’s hungry.

    I wonder how i will deal with others should they try to take him. I must have a means to keep him safe. Word will spread overĀ  time and as he’s a one of a kind i must be wary of those who would befriend him, or me as a means to get to him. I would kill to keep him safe but if overpowered what to do. Must have a plan in place should the worst come to pass.

    A dragon is a rare a beautiful thing, but there is so much to learn about him still. The other hero’s i’ve met so far have treated him well so far, but still a worry as it takes only one to cause trouble, and a thing as priceless as a baby dragon, well temptation is everywhere in this world