• Kobi Akers started the topic Lost Page of a Journal in the forum Eliossis 2 years, 4 months ago

    (A torn page from a journal was found laying round the tavern, Scribblings in ink can be read below)

    The more i learn the more i wonder what are the limits of magic. Energy exist to be used at my whim but what separates what i can do from those who worship these gods.

    How can i change the focus. Why can not the energy be turned to be used as those the gods allow others to use

    If a god can create magic to heal, how do I.

    Those who pray to these blood gods can have control over the dead.

    What holds back a person from learning the powers of the gods. Magic at it’s source is the same, it’s it application of the energy of the world that is different

    Is not a god just an entity that has more control of the energy’s of the world than those of man.

    If a man was able to manipulate the energies of the world like those of the gods, would that make him a god.

    What makes one god more that another.

    Perhaps it’s time to talk to a god.