In Memory

Jeremy “Manu” McCune



“I’ll add my shield to the wall”

318204_408384975860691_562588481_n      When I started Sovereign Scrolls I had a few loyal players and I loved them with all my heart as I created the game. I made a world that people could get away but that world had one heart, Jeremy McCune. Belli Manu was a character that captured hearts but it was a pale shadow of the man. Jeremy cared for everyone, Jeremy sweated for the game, and Jeremy held our hearts in his hands. He welcomed me into his home and his family. He was what I aspired to be as a father and a friend. All of us who knew him are better for it. What I wouldn’t give for another “Hey, Hoss.”

Jeremy has taught us all how to love and live. He has left to join the host of angels and he has left us to toil here. Fly swiftly my dear Brother.


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