Great New things

Great new things are happening here at SS. Now that we have several new staff additions we will be restructuring a few things.
1. Soon we will have a plot drop box on the Website. This can be used for plot submissions.
2. All NPC teachers and instructors need to contact Wesly Powers. He is going to supervise that aspect of the game.
3. All check-in and logistics will be done with the help of Erin and Hope,
4. The Tavern has been a source of great contention. We will be having a tavern run by the aforementioned ladies, however they will collect payment. If you do not have cash you will fill out an IOU. We are off the honor system as too many people are leaving without settling tabs.
5. We have a bunch of new plotlines coming from many new hooks.
6. We are building a great wiki. If you haven’t visited too bad for you the info is IG.
7. We are not hand holding anymore. The immersion will continue, the monsters are getting more dynamic, and the world is getting real….Love Tom and Co..

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  1. Hope says:

    Such exciting stuff on the horizon!

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